Larsen Global Alliance, Inc. is an independent USANA distributorship comprised of Collette Larsen and her son and partner, Zachary Ross.


Collette began her USANA career in 1994 and over the ensuing years Larsen Global has earned the title of Distributor of the Year and top-earning distributorship an unprecedented thirteen times. 

Larsen Global is USANA’s only 10-Star Diamond distributorship and has helped thousands of people elevate their quality of life through improved health and additional streams of residual income.

Collette was raised in a small farming community in Southeastern Idaho, the oldest of ten children who were taught by loving parents to work hard and give back, which may be a key to her tenacity and achievement. Twenty-three years ago Collette grabbed hold of the USANA opportunity, declared her intention to rise to the top of the company and never looked back. USANA has changed her life and the lives of her family even beyond what she imagined was possible.

We subscribe to the John Maxwell school of leadership. We are not “travel agent” leaders...telling you what to do. We are “tour guide” leaders. We will jump on the bus and ride along with you!

Zachary was involved in missionary work in South America when his mother got involved with USANA. Upon returning home he planned to become a high school Spanish teacher. His plans changed when he traveled to Australia to help Collette launch USANA’s Australian market and Zak realized there were no limits to what he could accomplish with USANA. Today, as a full partner in Larsen Global, Zachary is able to work from home and help his beautiful wife, Kelli, raise their five children.


What We've Achieved

  • We are 10-Star Diamond Directors
  • We have a global team presence and growing organizations in all international USANA markets.
  • We have lived internationally to assist in the initial growth and launch of USANA markets in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Korea.
  • We offer online training, website development, and one-on-one support as you share the USANA story with others.
  • We have been featured in Success from Home Magazine, Health and Freedom Newspaper, USANA’s corporate website, LifeMaster CDs and dozens of USANA sales tools and training materials .
  • We were the recipients of the Dr. Wentz Vision Award, which is given to individuals passionate about making the world a better place by sharing the vision of Dr. Wentz.
  • We are actively building a USANA business and our success is dependent on your success.